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Fast & Easy Contract Documents. MBAIForms™ provides Real Estate Brokers and agents the fastest and easiest method for creating transaction packages. Our Form Sets are designed to allow even the most hurried real estate professional to simply and quickly complete and produce transaction packages that protect the Brokers interests and meet the client’s needs.

Flexible Transaction Package Content. We recognize that larger real estate firms with multiple offices across a state have unique requirements in each office. MBAIForms™ is designed with the flexibility to organize forms packages to meet those needs,providing the Broker / Owner the benefits of consistent agent training, reduced complexity, and cost.

Contract Package Compliance. We actively maintain awareness of the changes made by boards to keep up with the changing document requirements for contracts. If a document is available from one of the associations whose documents we provide, or from the broker, you can be sure theMBAIForms™ are up to date.

No Unique Software. SinceMBAIForms™ document preparation systems use any browser and any pdf reader there is nothing special for a Network Administrator to do to allow the system to work on a local area network. No worries about viruses,phishing, or other problems introduced when installing unique software packages.

Live Customer Care. We provide technical support during extended business hours. Our trained and knowledgeable technical support staff will help you with your product questions. We know what it’s like to be left in an on-line help maze, to be on hold for eternity, or never receive a call back. We avoid that with our attentive and responsive customer service personnel. We’ll answer your questions quickly, effectively, and efficiently so you can get back to business.